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Total Rejuvenation Medspa in Alpharetta, GA
Total Rejuvenation Medspa in Alpharetta, GA
Total Rejuvenation Medspa in Alpharetta, GA
Total Rejuvenation Medspa in Alpharetta, GA

Total Control of Your Look

Aesthetic Medspa in Alpharetta, GA

Total Rejuvenation Medspa in Alpharetta, GA

Don’t Wait — Rejuvenate

Total Rejuvenation Medspa in Alpharetta, GA

Welcome to Total Rejuvenation Medspa, your aesthetic sanctuary in Alpharetta, GA. Medspa treatments at Total Rejuvenation utilize today’s most advanced minimally invasive techniques. We help you unlock deep renewal and reclaim confidence. From minimally invasive injectables to bespoke facial balancing, our treatments are administered with a gentle hand and an experienced eye. We strive to be the best Medical Spa Alpharetta has to offer. Our mission is to help you embrace each day with confidence and joy while looking like the best version of yourself. 

Total Rejuvenation Medspa in Alpharetta, GA

The Beauty of Guidance

Meet Our Providers

We have friendly, highly experienced Alpharetta Med Spa providers to rejuvenate your skin. Certified injector Cunard Bienvenu-Sumpter, PA, has a deep understanding of what happens to the face as it ages. She shows her patients how to stay ahead of the aging process through targeted treatments so they can look their best at any age.

Total Rejuvenation Medspa in Alpharetta, GA

“Your body is aging. The car is moving; are you behind the wheel?”

- Cunard Bienvenu-Sumpter, PA

Total Rejuvenation Medspa in Alpharetta, GA

Cunard Bienvenu-Sumpter

PA | Owner & Aesthetic Specialist

With over 15 years of experience serving North Georgia in family and internal medicine, owner and board-certified physician assistant (P.A.) Cunard Bienvenu-Sumpter has developed an amazing approach to making her Medical Spa clients look and feel their best. She has specialized training as an Allergan Master Injector in Botox and Dermal Fillers. She is a good listener with a genuine desire to help people with every skin type enjoy expert rejuvenation treatments that keep their complexions healthy and radiant.

With a keen artistic eye and a gentle touch, she performs minimally invasive treatments, including injectables, facials, light and laser treatments, and more. Her precision and passion for continuing education and her dedication to attending conferences and trainings mean you’ll always get the most up-to-date care. In Cunard, you have a friend and partner on your path to revealing your inner beauty with stunning results!

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Total Rejuvenation Medspa in Alpharetta, GA
Total Rejuvenation Medspa in Alpharetta, GA

Dr. Aaron Fletcher

Medical Director

Our medical director Dr. Aaron Fletcher is an award-winning clinician, surgeon, scholar, and educator. He has been recognized by his peers with numerous awards and accolades for his skill as an educator and for his innovative, forward-thinking approach to educating and caring for his patients.

Total Rejuvenation Medspa in Alpharetta, GA

Faces by Cunard

Our Specialized Process

Cunard Bienvenu-Sumpter, PA, offers bespoke facial balancing and non-surgical contouring, using high-quality injectables to craft results that allow your unique beauty to shine. Cunard is an expert injector with over fifteen years of experience designing personalized treatments with neuromodulators, dermal fillers, Kybella, ultherapy, and other minimally invasive techniques.

Each Faces by Cunard treatment is designed based on consultation and thoughtful analysis of your facial contours and skin quality. With deft hands and a careful eye, Cunard provides natural-looking results that address your concerns and highlight the beauty and harmony of your features.

Total Rejuvenation Medspa in Alpharetta, GA

Radiance Starts With You

Every Patient. Every Skin Tone.

Good aesthetic care doesn’t leave anyone out. Cunard Bienvenu-Sumpter, PA, has extensive experience designing treatments that are safe and effective for all skin tones, types, and concerns. Every treatment is designed around a comprehensive assessment of your needs. At Total Rejuvenation Medspa, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that we care as much about your skin as you do. 

Total Rejuvenation Medspa in Alpharetta, GA

Resilience Within Reach

Alpharetta Skincare Products

Our treatments can provide incredible results, but they are only part of the equation. Nurturing healthy skin at home helps you protect the investment you make in your skin and health. We provide amazing skin care to make you feel and look your best, carrying products from lines like Revision Skincare. We help you select a regimen that pampers your complexion with key nutrients. Additionally, offerings like therapeutic Arnica ensure optimal rejuvenation from in-office treatments, providing a seamless link between our services and what you do at home for your skin. Take the guesswork out of caring for your skin. We've got you covered for all of your Alpharetta skincare product needs. 

Total Rejuvenation Medspa in Alpharetta, GA
Total Rejuvenation Medspa in Alpharetta, GA

See Your Most Confident Self

Popular Alpharetta Medspa Treatments

Drawing on over fifteen years of experience, we offer the most advanced, minimally invasive treatments for our Alpharetta med spa clients. Our providers embody that unique synergy between artistic intuition and technical expertise that leads to subtle but beautiful results. We love helping our clients embrace their reflection at every age. We do this by staying current on the latest treatments and customizing your care around your individual goals. 

IPL PhotofacialSclerotherapyPDO ThreadsMicroneedlingMedical Weight LossHair Restoration

Smooth & Toned

IPL Photofacial in Alpharetta

UV-B radiation from the Sun is vital for helping synthesize Vitamin D. It is also a prime culprit in producing signs of premature aging, including fine lines, dark spots, and diminished elasticity. Our IPL Photofacial uses multiple wavelengths of intense pulsed light (IPL) to turn over damaged skin cells and generate new ones, effectively erasing fine lines, evening out the skin’s texture, fading dark spots such as birthmarks, sun spots, and other forms of hyperpigmentation, and addressing other imperfections for silky smooth, resilient skin that is sun-kissed, not sun-damaged. 

IPL Photofacial
Total Rejuvenation Medspa in Alpharetta, GA

Bare-Legged Beauty

Alpharetta Sclerotherapy

Don’t let visible veins cramp your style. Sclerotherapy targets unsightly varicose or spider veins via injections of a special solution known as a sclerosant into the affected blood vessels. This solution helps the vein collapse so that it can be broken down and absorbed by the body. The blood then flows through other veins, leaving behind clear skin you can feel confident showing off in any outfit. There is a non-surgical solution to spider veins, and you can find it at Total Rejuvenation Medspa.


A Graceful Inner Lift

PDO Threads in Alpharetta

As skin elasticity diminishes, facial contours can lose their youthful grace and definition. PDO threads are a revolutionary non-surgical method of lifting and elevating the skin from within. Made of biocompatible polydioxanone, these narrow threads gently lift the facial tissues for more sculpted, youthful contours and tone. Over time, the threads are absorbed by the body, generating the production of collagen to keep the area taut and lifted for longer. At Total Rejuvenation, we specialize in customizing this versatile approach to deliver a natural-looking lift that lasts.

PDO Threads

Invigorate Your Radiance

Alpharetta Microneedling

Your body’s natural healing responses are your greatest ally in rejuvenating your skin. Microneedling treatments promote collagen production through microinjuries with a specialized microneedling device. Leveraging the power of biology, the treatment boosts cellular turnover to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, depressed acne scars, uneven pigmentation, and other common concerns for a noticeably smoother, more even skin tone. At Total Rejuvenation Medspa, we also offer microneedling treatments with exosomes and PRP, multiplying the benefits of each approach for incredible rejuvenating effects. 


Your Weight Loss Support System

Medical Weight Loss in Alpharetta

Tired of battling the same old challenges on your weight loss journey? Our supportive care includes medically assisted weight loss with semaglutide to help you move forward on your path. When incorporated into a program of diet, exercise, and healthy lifestyle changes, semaglutide injections support biological processes that assist weight loss, including lowering blood sugar and helping you feel full when you eat. With our nurturing approach, you can safely and effectively make your weight loss goals a reality to live your most active, confident life. 

Medical Weight Loss

A Natural Path to Thicker Hair

Alpharetta PRP Hair Restoration

PRP treatments have come to the forefront as a highly effective method of promoting more dense, healthy hair growth. A sample of your blood is processed to isolate platelet-rich plasma (PRP), and the resulting solution is administered in a series of injections or as a serum following microneedling. PRP is a biological powerhouse rich in growth factors that boost collagen production and cellular turnover. These processes also support healthy hair follicles and help to restart the hair growth cycle. Delivered as a series of minimally invasive treatments, PRP hair restoration is scientifically proven to regrow hair.

Hair Restoration
Total Rejuvenation Medspa in Alpharetta, GA

Stay Ahead of the Curve

Cutting-Edge Medspa Treatments

The world of aesthetics is constantly evolving with new developments in medical science and technology. To keep pace, we are always researching the latest treatments, bringing you only the safest and most effective Med Spa care available today.

This includes exosome therapy and PRP treatments, two innovative approaches that harness your body’s healing abilities to deeply rejuvenate your skin, fade away imperfections — and even regrow hair. We are also proud to offer medically-supervised weight loss care with semaglutide, ensuring you have access to the knowledge and tools to feel renewed from head to toe. 

What They Say

Client Testimonials - Average of 5/5 stars based on 169 MindBody reviews

“Cunard is the best—best prices, gentle hands, kind spirit.” —Amy L., MindBody, Medspa client.

“Cunard is very friendly, professional, and informative! There is no attempt to ‘upsell’ any products. I am always happy with the outcome when I leave.” Fran C., MindBody, client. 

“I'm liking how I look 🥰👏” —Joan W., MindBody, client.

“Cunard is an amazing provider and educator. Her treatments are consistently perfect!” —Kathy H., MindBody, client.

“Curnard is highly experienced and excellent at her job. She has great bedside manners. She is a great listener and knows how to meet your needs and concerns. I've been seeing her for over ten years and have always left her office satisfied with her expertise, professionalism, and excellent work.” —Grisel J., MindBody, client.

Cunard is the best! She's personable, knowledgeable, and practical! —Kelly M., MindBody, client.

“Cunard's expertise, vast knowledge, and gentleness with her feedback made the experience exceptional.” —Rebecca L., MindBody, client.

“Very professional and knowledgeable. She made suggestions for what I needed and what I didn't need. I felt comfortable she was not trying to oversell her services” —Elissa S., MindBody, client.

“Cunard knows her stuff, delivers great results for a reasonable price, and is super warm and kind.” —Amy L., MindBody, client.

“Cunard is knowledgeable and skilled! The best of the best!” —April C., MindBody, client.

“She was very kind and patient and explained everything so well. Better service than I've ever had with other companies before.” —Judith P., MindBody, client. 

“Cunard is AMAZING. I'll only trust her with my facial injections. She's kind, conservative with her doses, and such a sweet soul.” —Amanda S., MindBody, injectables client. 

“The provider was above and beyond anything I've ever seen—great services that hold tremendous value.” —Christy E., MindBody, client.

Total Rejuvenation Medspa in Alpharetta, GA

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Our special offers help you get the most out of our services. Sign up for our VIP Membership Program and stay ahead of our latest specials and treatment packages. VIP Membership makes it easy to incorporate high-quality aesthetic care into your busy lifestyle. Join our community of beauty insiders today! 

Total Rejuvenation Medspa in Alpharetta, GA
Total Rejuvenation Medspa in Alpharetta, GA

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